Thursday, January 06, 2005

Day 2: What day is it?

I had food poisoning on Monday night, thus the stream of consciousness was diverted and I went into hardcore fasting-and-meditation mode. This would please my yogi, but my boyfriend was a bit frightened that I'm actually declaring myself vegetarian until further notice (mostly because it was chicken that made me sick in the first place).

I'm not saying I've been super-productive today, but I managed to do a little work on a figure for a collaborator who I'm sure doesn't fully appreciate how lucky he is to have me contributing to his paper. Oh well. Ran into a friend who finally got a faculty position and got an earful about how it doesn't matter how many jobs you apply for, what really matters is who you know- and anyone who tells you differently probably applied for jobs 15 years ago. I think he's right, but it didn't cheer me up at all. I don't know anyone and nobody who knows me seems too impressed with my amazing ability to question the existing assumptions while, naturally, simultaneously pissing everyone off. Of course, this 'friend' I was talking to has a job offer and I know a lot of people who really hate him. So none of this is easy to rationalize. Clearly being disliked is not enough to hurt you... well maybe that's only true if you're a man. It seems much easier to slam women, I still don't entirely understand why.

Thus concludes another email into the void. Hello, void! Please send me a comment or a question so I know somebody will eventually read this thing.


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