Sunday, October 15, 2006

Pop Culture Snippets

Saw a few minutes of Meet the Press this morning. I've noticed, and maybe mentioned here before, that when a man is criticizing a female candidate in a debate, particularly an asshole sort of man, he calls her "She. " As in, "She said this, she said that."

When he's criticizing a male candidate, he call him "My opponent."


Played hookey this morning (instead of working) and saw the new Robin Williams movie, Man of the Year. It was funny. I love Laura Linney. Laura and Robin had great on-screen chemistry, it was very believable. I love Lewis Black and Christopher Walken. All around great cast.


But I didn't like the ending. I liked how the computer glitch was found by a woman- they wouldn't have had any women with speaking parts if they hadn't done that. I thought it was a little lame that they turned it into a love story, but again, they wouldn't have had any romance if they hadn't done that. One or two of Robin's jokes were lame (the one about having a cabinet full of lesbians... LAME). But she takes a job as his producer/lover when she's trained as a computer scientist? WTF is that??


Am generally annoyed with how slow my computer is these days, and really eyeing those new Macs. I'm thinking maybe next week I will have to get one. I'm just not convinced it's worth it to wait until my current one completely dies, in the hopes that some big improvements will come before then. It seems unlikely.


Got interrupted by my neighbor being sociable, hence the decision to check in on the rest of the world.

Should be getting back to work.

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At 3:21 AM, Blogger Edgar said...

buy a Mac... will be better..
and what about the movie? i didn't read the final part, i'll watch the movie. i like robin too...

At 4:44 PM, Blogger ScienceDave said...

I just bought an intel Mac a few weeks ago. Damn, it's cool.

I do a lot of data collection using PCs and LabVIEW. I don't hate Windows, exactly, but I really curse the IT department where I work because they absolutely won't even consider a Mac.

My PhD advisor had one Mac when I was there, and a buncha greasy old Windows boxes. Since then, he's come into some crazy grant money, and now all his kids have Mac laptops. Bastards.


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