Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Bad mood.

The weather is beautiful and I'm resenting having to be inside worrying about experiments that may or may not work. And for this particular batch of experiments, I only care about them if they work.

I'm having one of those days, everything is annoying me more than usual.

I'm trying to grab onto what's left of my patience to get my experiments done so I can avoid being around people after that. I hope.

This is one of those days, if somebody confronts me about anything, but particularly anything stupid, it will be hard not to tell them exactly where I think they should shove it.

Deep breaths, calm thoughts...

Tomorrow won't be better, I already know that, but it will be a different kind of annoying.

Unfortunately I don't really have any relaxing activities coming up, I'm looking at my calendar and it's pretty bleak. I can't seem to find that one hour a day that they say you should spend on rejuvenation (mental and physical).

Maybe the television ate it. And my little dog, too.



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