Monday, January 10, 2005

Monday, 3:37 pm

Dear All,

We are back with yet another rainy Monday. I brought my backup umbrella from home, in case you were wondering.

Went to lunch for someone who is leaving. That was awkward. What do you say to someone you doubt you'll see again, ever? I still don't have a good way of dealing with this. I tend to fall back on assuming I will probably run into them again somewhere, sometime. I figure you never know... Science is small, after all. Less than six degrees of separation, and everyone is always travelling, we run into each other at meetings, etc. And everyone is always moving, you don't get to plan on living anywhere for more than about 5 years.

I swear, someday I will own real furniture. I mean, it's ridiculous to think there is this whole segment of overeducated professionals in their early 30s with no real homes or possessions or jobs.

It's really quite insane when you think about it. What a joke all those 'stay in school' ads seem to me now!

Split cells again and avoiding starting a new experiment. Edited this paper, the Paper That Won't Die. It makes me physically ill to think about the next stage of editing it and submitting it again, but it really needs to get done.

Hunted for jobs a little bit online, but that was too depressing to even describe. Let's just say this: whoever told us we would be able to get good jobs with a PhD in Bioscience, that was a lie. That advice has long since expired. There are way too many PhDs, and anyone who tries to tell you otherwise is just clueless.

And with that, have a happy Monday, y'all.


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