Thursday, October 20, 2005

B(lo)gger all

I actually posted a comment to someone else's comment from my last post... suffice it to say, Blogger apparently lost the comment and it never showed up. Lovely!

I had this whole thing about how you can't be a smartass when you're a nobody, but the when you're supposed to be an 'expert' nobody can hear enough of your opinions. It changes as your career status improves.

Suffice it to say I am perfectly capable of coming up with questions to ask at seminars, but none of them are very nice. So I usually keep my mouth shut. When I can come up with a suitably innocent question, I usually assume I can go home, see what's in the literature, and if that doesn't work, email the speaker. Unless I'm certain the answer to my question is unpublished, and that the speaker is likely to be able to answer it, I usually don't bother. Maybe that's a bad attitude, but I'm sure it will change as I gain in status.

Anyway. I'm having a cruddy day. I'm not sure whether it's just due to me being tired, or the fact that I'm going to work all day and have no data until tomorrow at the earliest, the fact that I had to buy an overpriced, neither healthy nor filling lunch, because my working on the weekend led to a complete lack of groceries in the house... probably all of the above.

Tomorrow night I'll hang out with a friend, perhaps for the last time before she moves away to start her new job. I think I'm a little resentful about her leaving me. And I've been playing phone tag with my best friend, which is irritating in its own special way, since we can never seem to coordinate our schedules and wind up doing this back-and-forth every single time we try to talk. Of course she's too busy during the day, and goes to bed early, so there's only a small window of time when she's available.

Was trying to come up with some obvious way to get into a better mood when our admin finally got back to me about something I tried to order last spring. Yes, last spring. It's coming from a foreign country and they requested a materials transfer agreement... well we finally found out the reason the thing never came was because our legal office here apparently offended the people over there, or something, because they have never responded to us since. Lovely!

Anyway I guess I should be hunting down an alternative source for this thing. Last spring, no one else had it, but who knows, it has been several months!!


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