Monday, May 01, 2006

Start the day right

Got up this morning and was reading Jane magazine, where I had to laugh at the following:

1. This month's is The Quit Your Job Issue

2. In their 30 under 30 list (which I'm officially too old for!) they include one female scientist (do the math, 1:30 represents how we factor into the public consciousness, girls). She's a biophysicist from Minnesota who lives in St. Thomas (I've never heard of her, but I'm tempted to look her up and ask how the hell she got her photo in Jane).

The others were mostly actresses, tattoo artists, a couple of nurses (who looked over 30, btw), and women holding a variety of fashion-related jobs. You know, traditional female careers.

3. Flip a few more pages in, and at the bottom right-hand corner, they interviewed women about how often they think about quitting their jobs. The first three had jobs more like the ones I just listed, and gave the standard three bears answers.

And the fourth bear said:"I just quit my job in cancer research."

And they all rolled over and the little one said: I'm crowded.

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At 10:46 AM, Anonymous Andre said...

Could you post a link to this biophysicist's web page?

At 7:43 PM, Blogger Abel PharmBoy said...

FYI, Ms PhD - Recalling one of your earlier posts, I just found this as #6 in recommendations to PIs on a recent post entitled, "Got Ethics?" at Thus Spake Zuska:

"This one will seem really crazy, but here it is: You should not steal the ideas and/or work of your graduate students, junior faculty, or other colleagues and pass them off as your own."

Hope all is well with you - I've been reading regularly but not commenting due to time constraints in even getting some original material on my own blog. Have you decided yet on going to Sb or are you going to do the group blog thing with your colleague(s)?


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