Wednesday, July 13, 2005

The eye of the storm

So I'm in the new building now. I'm the only person here on the whole floor. It's quiet. Most of it is empty.

Just the way I like it.

Everything smells new, my desk is clean since I've only moved about half my stuff, and my wireless internet connection is faster than it was in the old building. For now, anyway.

So, that's all good. I'm just very happy to have a place to escape to while the lab is in a total frenzy. I'm talking total chaos, boxes everywhere. My benchmate, who knows I'm still finishing up some cloning (!), packed the pipettes without asking me first. Nice! She's a sweet kid, but a little thoughtless. I'm glad I won't be sharing with her anymore after the move.

One of the best things about being here is it's actually the nicest office, with the best view, I've ever had anywhere I've worked. Granted, in college I was spoiled with a desk, a view, and a huge bench all to myself. So even though my bench space is probably going to be too small, for the moment I can daydream a little about My Future Lab and My Office When I'm A Professor.


I am going to sit here and try to get some reading and writing done before the storm catches up with me. I'm sure by tomorrow things will start getting crazy over here, too. But right now, I have an hour before yoga class and I know I need to be a little bit more relaxed if I'm going to get through the First Series.


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