Thursday, August 25, 2005

it's like, art, dude

So, I'm still in NYC, a little drunk right now, waiting for food. Went to a Film Screening tonight, including the After Party with Free Drinks.

Let's just say, the whole week has been very different than our usual.

At home, where we've been living lately is great. I love it, it's so chill and I can just do my thing and not feel judged about how I choose to live to my life in the day-to-day. But something about the East Coast, I want to write poems about how sad everyone seems and how competitive it is here, and how there are all these people... NYC is really the last melting pot. I kind of miss that. At home, we live in a very white area. Out here people are so much more emotional and expressive, granted some of them have to get drunk to do it, but then they'll tell you their whole life story. Where we live, that just doesn't happen. I don't know if people genuinely have nothing interesting to say or if they're just less analytical about everything. I think there's some minimum amount of deconstruction you have to do to qualify to live in NYC, and if you don't know what that means, they won't let you even rent a crappy apartment in Brooklyn.

Anyway we've been seeing shows and hanging out with actors and prostelytizing about science, etc. We're being Cultural Ambassadors for Biology. Tonight we met a guy who is writing a sci-fi novel and wanted our opinion, that was pretty funny. Don't meet people like that at home! But mostly right this second I am wanting food, a different life, and to do away with this weird restlessness that attacked me over the last week. There's just so much to do here, I'm trying to absorb it all as fast as I can and just be glad to go home, but actually I think the stimulation has been really good in a lot of ways. The problem is now I think I'm going to need a week to decompress before I go back to work. So I'm thinking about taking a few extra days off to meditate on the state of my life and whether I should be pushing for change or just be patient and know that it will come soon enough.


At 5:05 AM, Anonymous tim mayer said...

Gotta love those Nuu-yawkers. Everything beyond the river is fly-over country. Shucks, where I'se from in Ahaya, we all satisfied to sit around all naht 'watchin paint dry.
Entering into the Big Apple can be a little strange. I've lived in Philly for the past few years and have only been to Manhattan a few times. Forty-second Street, which was one time known as "The Deuce", has changed into Disneyland. And it never ceases to amaze me how creative the Gothamites can be about space. The last time I was there I had to take a pic of a parking lot where they were jacking cars in the air to double the space.

At 1:32 PM, Blogger GrrlScientist said...

Dang, Grrl! Why didn't you tell me you are in my playground?? I would meet you somewhere and we could have a competitive drinking contest! I can't believe that you didn't tell me you're in the big apple, grr! grr! grr!!


At 12:23 AM, Blogger utenzi said...

The City is a great place to visit and not all that bad to live there either. Who knows, you might not ever leave!

At 8:28 PM, Blogger Ms.PhD said...

actually my boyfriend suggested we should have contacted you, hedwig, and he was right, but in retrospect our schedule so jam-packed we barely got to do half the things we were supposed to do anyway. we had to visit all these people for work, some friends who recently moved there who desperately needed some encouragement, we had to go to the rehearsal dinner and the wedding, we had to visit my grandparents who were pissy and not worth it... etc.


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