Monday, February 19, 2007


On counting PhDs:

Today I read in USA Today (though I can't find it now online) that 2005 had a record high number of PhDs in science and engineering, close to 28,000. I'm guessing it has continued to go up in the last 2 years, but they don't have those data yet?

On counting mentors for PhDs:

Yesterday I had to laugh, because MentorNet sent me a survey to fill out.

They had a series of questions where you had to tick off who had helped you with each of several career issues, and after your PI, other faculty, students, postdocs, etc.... 'virtual online community' was one of them.

For some of the categories, I had to check 'No one helped me.' That was sad, but I took some evil glee in thinking it's good that NSF is sponsoring MentorNet to do this study where they're actually collecting data on the lack of mentoring.

But my pseudonyminous (is that a word? maybe not, but it makes me giggle to say it out loud) friends here (i.e., YOU) scored very well as having helped me deal with career issues, particularly those issues where I feel I can't ask anyone in my lab or at my university.

Thanks again!

And I'm happy because it validates the blogging and blog-reading I've been doing 'on the side' - and the time I've spent doing it - as legitimate career-building exercises (not just as therapy!).

So blogging counts. I'd do it anyway, but still.

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