Monday, October 15, 2007

You're never too old to be greedy for credit.

Email on Mondays always sucks.

People who said they'd do certain things didn't do them, or in some cases completely canceled their plans to do them at all, ever.

Other people are emailing to ask why certain things haven't gotten done yet, but you know damn well it's because of the other people who just emailed to say they can't/won't follow through on what they promised.

Meanwhile I'm getting emails asking for volunteers to do things I've already done, so I have to re-send old emails reminding everyone that I've done them and that we need to move on and do all the other things on our lists.

You know, the usual.

But the crowning moment of the day was this:

In editing a very rough draft of a manuscript, my advisor noted where I had put "Schmo, J. 200x" as the reference instead of "Schmo, J and Advisor, Greedy 200x".

Joe Schmo had not published any other manuscripts that year, so I thought this was kind of a moot point, and instead a rather hilarious show of what sorts of things Advisor actually notices.

Nevermind that Advisor is incredibly accomplished, tenured, very well respected and not hurting for funding or papers.

I found this especially funny since the correct citation is actually "Schmo, J. et al. 200x" and Advisor's name would not appear at all when it is listed as such.

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At 6:26 AM, Anonymous PhilipJ said...

Maybe I don't get it, but isn't that how you're supposed to reference 2 author papers?

At 10:16 PM, Blogger Ms.PhD said...

My point is that he was forgetting that there were other authors and ignoring that none of the references in the draft were formatted. So it wasn't that I didn't know that he was an author on it, but he came off seeming concerned that I wasn't going to give him sufficient credit!


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