Tuesday, April 10, 2007

For every good one, there's one of those

Yes, one of those.

Case in point: today we found out that the new guy in the lab got a piece of equipment for his own personal use that myself and another woman have been asking for...

all year.

Because we really have needed one.
No, it is not readily available for the whole lab to use.
No, we were never offered one for each of us.
No, this guy is not any more qualified or experienced than we are.
No, this guy does not need it any more- in fact probably less than- the women do.
This just scientifically speaking, here, based on the nature of the projects.

When the fact of this equipment existing in our midst was announced, we just looked at each other.

It's even worse than we thought.

There is only one - ONE - logical explanation.

Our female voices are being tuned out, but when the same thing is said by a man : voila!

Ask, and you (YOU! = XY!) shall receive.

But we (we = XX) won't.

And yes, in case you are wondering, he is getting paid more than me.

And, this is another case where the suspect admin seems to be playing her part quite nicely with the status quo of sexism.

But anyway. Let's ignore all that.

I will continue to use whatever I need wherever I can get it, or do without.

Lately I feel I am running a marathon with a peg leg.

But I am pretending that it doesn't hurt, that having a bloody stump somehow makes me stronger.

Go, pain receptors, go!

To balance things out, I am working with a male student, who, despite being almost too laid back, is really a lot of fun and a lot of help to me.

So, for every stupid, idiotic, selfish, noncommunicative, clueless bastard...

here's hoping there is at least one in the next generation who is not a complete fool.



At 2:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I suppose there are such and such people regardless of gender. I had a lot of valuable instruments screwed up by either of them.

By the way:
Do you earn good money with this blog? Considering all the adverts running here...

At 5:05 PM, Blogger Saoirse said...

ARGH. That is so frustrating. I hope things change.

At 10:48 PM, Anonymous Betsy said...

Is there any reason why you two couldn't just go ahead and use this piece of equipment? IMO, if the lab owns it, every member of the lab should be able to use it. If he's not using it when you need it, I say it's fair game.

That said, maybe you should ask this guy how he convinced your advisor to buy it. Is he really that persuasive or did he just not ask beforehand and not give your advisor a chance to say no? His answer might give you some insight on how to get what you want from your advisor. I totally understand your anger, but use it to figure out why this happened, and what you can do to make yourself heard. Think of it as your own little human experiment...

At 10:40 AM, Blogger Ms.PhD said...

Thanks Betsy, we're pretty sure he didn't just get it on his own and then ask for forgiveness, and that he didn't ask for it any more persuasively than we did.

It turns out it had something to do with timing, but our advisor is still an asshole. Basically, the guy happened to ask just at the moment when one became available, so it was partially just good luck. But again, instead of making it available to the whole lab, or giving it to the two people who were in line first, who happened to be women, the whole transaction took place without any regard for the other lab members.

Funny how all the advantages seem to go to the people who need them least.


No, I don't make any money whatsoever from Google ads. I'm just too lazy to get rid of them. See earlier post from the beginning of the year. Some people have argued that I could get more click-throughs if I changed the layout and put the ads in an even MORE prominent location. Wouldn't that be lovely?? Somehow I doubt it would help.

At 6:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Me again,
Oh well, in this case I have to eat my words and apologise.

It's difficult to judge your situation without knowing any of your collegues or even you. It sounds very unfair, but maybe your collegue's protective nature for "his" equipment is based on a lack of sympathy to you?

At 11:05 AM, Blogger Joolya said...

Dude, I'd be on that machine all the time if I were you, with a big sweet smile and obsequeous "thanks sooooooooooo much for getting this for the LAB!" to the guy every single time I used it. Heh heh heh


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