Monday, July 02, 2007

Thanks for clicking through!

Whoo hoo! Imagine my amazement when I got home today and found a check- looking like junkmail of course- from Google adsense!

I could almost afford to quit science for.... a couple days!

More likely it might pay for a new pair of shoes... or contribute to my future iPhone fund!

Still, since we get ~ 2 pesos for each click-through, that's a lotta click-throughs!* Thanks for visiting!

And for once, I have good news. Or at least, a good mood.

In general this week (meaning the last 7 days or so) has been pretty good.

Things in lab are chugging along, slowly like a golf cart with an old battery moving uphill while complaining about the weather, but at a detectable rate and in the right direction.

I've been sleeping badly because it has been so hot, which initially always gives me a kind of happy delirium... until it catches up with me and I have a lack-of-sleep hangover. But for this week, as my best friend says sometimes, wheeeeee!

I have some fun work activities coming up soon, or maybe not fun but.... opportunities, we shall see. Some chances, and something to look forward to.

I am for the moment ignoring the fact that I know several people who are getting faculty position offers right now, and some of them aren't even leaving until next year (which I find astonishing). If I had an offer I'd be running toward the door so fast...

And the fact that my advisor is still failing to answer email or be in town, either one of which is excusable, but not both.

No, I'm ignoring all that so I can watch The Closer. Yeeeaaahhh!

*note that this is not an actual number, just something I made up because it sounded funny when I thought of it.

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At 6:35 PM, Blogger Image Goddess said...

What a nice surprise! Any check is a good check.


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