Saturday, February 09, 2008

Random tidbits.

It's nicer outside than I was expecting today. And I am in lab. For at least a little longer. Can't wait to get out of here!

Got some good results. Still have a few things to do that I'd rather not do, but am feeling generally less inept that I was last week, and that is good. I am waiting on a few more results before I leave, but I have that temptation to not look. You know, like when you make someone else open the envelope? You're going to get the news either way, eventually. But right now I'm in a decent mood and if I don't get the results I wanted, I will be annoyed.

Have plans to do something fun tonight. Fun! I can't believe it.

Am NOT going to check email today. And will refrain from using profgrrrrl's trick of writing emails on my blog that I would love to send but actually can't send in real life.

Had bad dreams about work this morning. I really don't want to relive the grad school hell of daily nightmares. It's like some part of my psyche wants to be competitive, or something. I don't get it. Why else would I have nightmares about getting scooped? Stupid subconscious.

And I keep recalling this conversation I had with a PI recently. He was describing someone who is going to visit and saying I should join them for dinner with this guy. He said this guy is "sloppy but ambitious... so he knows things sometimes before other people do." Huh??

What really got me was that this PI has a habit of being, shall we say, a little too honest. And his style of manipulation is to discuss someone else while obliquely comparing them to you. So I think he's saying that I'm sloppy but ambitious.

I don't know, I'm meticulous about some things but not others. I'd like to think I know which things matter and which don't. And ambitious? Well maybe I am sometimes, others not so much.

(Like right now, my big ambition is to finish the current step. And then take the next step. And hopefully submit a paper before too long. Is that ambitious? I guess it depends on how hard the steps are and where we send the paper?)

I was thinking about asking this PI for a recommendation letter, but I worry that he would be honest in his weird way and that it would sound bad to people who don't know any better.

I just hate that I have to hard time purging things I've heard from my head, even when I know I should.

My timer is about to go off. Tomorrow I plan to do a lot of nothing. And some more laundry. There is always more laundry.



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