Wednesday, May 21, 2008

1 good thing a day.

Nothing awful happened today.

The best parts were:

a) benchwork, which is always kind of fun when there's not too much of it (just enough) and you're doing something new and feel no pressure for it to work (and fully expect that it won't, but who cares?)

b) free food...



At 4:14 AM, Blogger Mr. Procastination said...

To me that sounds like heaven: to feel no pressure for it to work. I nearly constantly feel the pressure of my PI when I'm working. (How do I say this in English language; translated from mothertongue: "I feel his breath in my neck?")

Maybe this looks like my PI is the opposite of yours PI: very involved . But note that at the same time he has no interest in what exactly I am doing, how I am doing that, what the difficulties are I am experiencing, and as a result it never goes fast enough... That's a really shitty feeling and demotivates me a lot each time he asks me how far I am from my goals...
Are there actually labs where there exists a healthy relationship between PI's and grad students? That really interests me because, for now I am planning to leave faculty research although science and research really gets me high from time to time and I really enjoy the fact that as a scientist you are always at the border of knownlegde. Research looks to me like the only job in the world that I can think of that will never get bored of.

At 11:09 AM, Blogger JaneB said...

Ah, the age old question - balancing boredom factors against irrational boss factors... though it's for sure not just a problem in science.

Glad something was at least a small yay today...


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