Thursday, November 03, 2005

Going home early

So I think for the good of myself, my experiments, and everyone, I am going to go home early today. This morning I dropped a full ice bucket and lost a sample... had to retrieve the mop from the lab that had 'borrowed' it... I knew that was a bad omen already. Then I ripped the gel... you know what kind of day I'm having.

Research project for the next generation: find the klutziness gene and figure out how to turn it off.

Yesterday I took everyone's rather vocal and unanimous (that never happens! ) advice that I contact some people, and sent out about a dozen emails. I figured that was enough for a first run.

Everyone said sure, they'd try to remember to mention my name when they figured out if they actually knew people on the search committee (or even anyone in the department).

If nothing else, I got caught up with several people I hadn't heard from in a while (since they don't email me, I have to email them). Anyway most of them responded in the affirmative, but some had bad news to share, which they wouldn't have done if I hadn't asked how they were doing. Kind of sad, and it makes me wish more of my friends lived nearby (and that they would actually keep in touch...).

Today everything aches, my advisor is out of town, and I really wish we had a couch in our lounge space. But we don't. The medical part of the building has couches, but they're not the sort that interns nap on, so I think I would be presumed a sick patient if I crashed out on one of them.

My friend who got the interview says he is scrambing to put together a one-hour talk about his proposed research, so he encouraged me to start on that ahead of time with the assumption that I will need it sooner or later.

So I figure it will be one of those Powerpoint-couch-TV afternoons. So I don't know if I will get home in time for Oprah or Ellen or any of those. I'm still pissed they moved the Buffy rerun timeslot. In some ways I find it a lot of fun visualizing the presentation and making everything look pretty, so hopefully I will come back tomorrow all refreshed and bouncy (!). Or, at least not feeling as yucky as I do today.

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At 12:06 PM, Blogger The Mad Scientist said...

The joys of postdoc-hood. If it makes you feel any better we're all strugling.

Good luck.


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