Monday, July 09, 2007

Ooh, homework!

I've been tagged to address the latest call for comments on the state of the NIH RFI (that's "request for information" for all you non-acronymites out there).

So here's the assignment, directly quoted from DrugMonkey:

Post the following RFI queries

1. Challenges of NIH System of Research Support
Please describe any specific challenges presented by NIH’s support of biomedical and behavioral research such as the current array of grant mechanisms, number of grants awarded per investigator, and the duration of grants.

2. Challenges of NIH Peer Review Process
Please describe any specific challenges presented by the current peer review process at NIH.

3. Solutions to Challenges
Please concisely describe specific approaches or concepts that would address any of the above challenges, even if it involves a radical change to the current approach.

4. Core Values of NIH Peer Review Process
Please describe the core values of NIH peer review that must be maintained or enhanced.

5. Peer Review Criteria and Scoring
Are the appropriate criteria ( and scoring procedures ( being used by NIH to evaluate applications during peer review? If not, are there changes in either that you would recommend?

6. Career Pathways
Is the current peer review process for investigators at specific stages in their career appropriate? If not, what changes would you recommend?

You can imagine how gleeful I am about this assignment! Muahahaha! (Insert rubbing hands together here). DrugMonkey requests a post on ONE of these topics- needless to say, I can't resist doing them all! And I'll probably do a series out of it or this will just be one really loonnnnng post.

First I'll say what I think the issues are, and then I'll flip to the back of the book and see what NIH actually says for each of these issues. That way we can get at the perceived implications and compare those with that they think they're asking.

Stay tuned.



At 8:07 AM, Anonymous Drugmonkey said...

at least one :-)! I figured not everyone would feel as though they had perspective or any suggestions on everything. Some of us do, so go nutz...


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