Wednesday, November 23, 2005

to Zuska, you are not an idiot


I like you so I will avoid being rankled by your obvious defensiveness. I'm not being dismissive, nor do I think you have any disabilities re: reading. But. I guess you just missed my comment.

Here is your quote: "I am wondering if part of the reason why you find that female faculty or AWIS members or women in industry are of no help to you as mentors...might be because you are dismissive of anything they might have to say?"

Here is my quote: "I read Ms Mentor's Impeccable Book a while ago, and although I found most of it interesting and much of it amusing, it didn't really tell me anything new."

And here is the link to the comment where I posted it (scroll down and search for the word "Mentor"). 3 posts ago. Anyway, not for picking nits, we both have better things to do. I just wanted to post this here because I had to check myself that it was really there. Since it was in a comment, rather than a main post, I can see how you might have missed it.


At 4:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad that's all cleared up!
Time to move on...
What's been happening Ms.PhD?


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